I’ve divided this teaching into 3 main sections for you guys.

1. Quick Video/8mins (for the quick answer without all the details)
2. Expanded Details Video Series/1hour (LOTS of details)
3. Written Summary (straight to the point, quick advanced read)


Who are the wheat and tares? Who are the sheep and the goats?

We know that something awful happens(ed) to the tares and the goats right? It’s kind of important to know!

The good news is, it happened in the 1st century. It’s NOT something that we’re fearfully looking forward to.

The wheat/tares/sheep/goats warnings from Jesus were to THAT 1st century generation about something that was going to happen to THEM…
and it DID on a massive scale (in ad70).. AND it had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE AFTERLIFE!


1. QUICK VIDEO: 8 mins
Speaker Dr Jonathan Welton




These videos will be a sobering dose of audience relevance.
The big picture will come into play very soon.

MAKE SURE to take advantage of walking through these detailed videos!
Scott allowed me to clip them from a series that he had on his youtube channel.
It’s kind of a big deal for us to have access to them the way that we do.


Parable of the Wheat & Tares:
Speaker Pastor Scott Fisher

(each video is about 10 minutes long)


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3 (Wheat & Tares Revealed)


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


3. Written Summary Details:

Keep this in mind: The entire audience relevance had to do with 1st century Israelites/Jews.

The Wheat/Sheep:
were the Jews that believed Jesus to be Messiah and left the Old Covenant, joined the New Covenant (the Kingdom), becoming ‘sons of God’. These ‘believers’ heeded Jesus’ warnings and fled Jerusalem in AD70 before it’s final fiery destruction(Luke21:21).

The Tares/Goats:
were the Jews that did NOT believe Jesus to be their coming Messiah. These ‘unbelievers’ chose to stay under the ‘elements’ of the Old Covenant and were surrounded by the Romans (Luke19:41-44) and trapped in the fiery destruction of Jerusalem during the Passover gathering in AD70.

The scripture below is Jesus explaining to the disciples who/what the ‘wheat and tares’ parable was about. See my expanded audience relevance notes in the scriptures.

Matthew 13:37-42;
He(Jesus) answered and said unto them(disciples),
He that soweth the good seed (gospel message of New Covenant Kingdom)
is the Son of man(Jesus);

The field is the world (<- The word ‘world’ is actually ‘LAND’. It was the LAND of Israelites (12 tribes) in the 1st century. This is NOT talking about the entire planet.)

the good seed (believing Israelites)
are the children of the kingdom (New Covenant Israelites);

but the tares (unbelieving Jews / Judaizers)

are the children of the wicked one (oppressive Judaistic Old Covenant Law system);

The enemy that sowed them is the devil (corrupt Old Covenant High Priest and members);

the harvest is the end of the world/age (aion = age) (AD70);

and the reapers are the angels (messengers/in this case the Romans).

As therefore the tares (unbelieving Jews / Judaizers)

are gathered and burned in the fire (Judgement of Old Covenant Jerusalem in AD70, destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple by fire);

so shall it be in the end of this age (AD70).

The Son of man (JESUS)

shall send forth his angels (messengers/Romans),

and they shall gather out of his kingdom (the LAND / vineyard)

all things that offend (wolves in sheeps clothing/antichrists/false prophets/falsely converted Jews/remaining followers of the Old Covenant),

and them which do iniquity (to do iniquity meant to ‘break a law’, this was referring to those OC members under Mosaic Law);

And shall cast them into a furnace of fire (description of judgement of Old Covenant Jerusalem’s fiery destruction in AD70):

there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth (anger) (describing AD70 using a reference from OT scripture referring to the horrible death history of the valley of Gehenna in the CITY of Jerusalem).

OT reference of 586bc:  https://youtu.be/Z4aWnpoEZSo 

What Jesus was talking about was the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70:  https://youtu.be/I9Ena_zwmzA 

The above notes are the summary details.


I’ll expand below for those who are interested in more:

Pay attention to WHO John the baptizer is talking to and what he says:

Matthew 3:7-10;
But when he saw many of the PHARISEES and SADDUCEES come to his baptism, he said unto them, O GENERATION of vipers,

who hath warned you
to FLEE FROM THE WRATH –> ABOUT TO COME <– ? (<– destruction of their entire system in Jerusalem in AD70)

Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance (Messiah is coming, switch from Old Covenant to New Covenant).

And think not to say within yourselves (Pharisees & Sadducees), We have Abraham to our father: (circumcision covenant *of the flesh* would not save them, they would need to repent from the Law (OC) and move to the Faith (NC).)

for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.

And NOW also (in the 1st century)
the AXE IS LAID UNTO THE ROOT OF THE TREES: (<- the ax was at the root of the trees in the 1st century, the entire tree of the Old Covenant Mosaic Law system was going down in that ‘chosen generation’.)

therefore every tree (Israelite) which bringeth not forth good fruit (bad tree/Old Covenant Israelite/ cannot bare good fruit) is hewn down,
and cast into the fire. (<-AD70 destruction of Jerusalem, 1.3 million Israelites murdered by the Romans.)


John the baptizer is VERY clear on the exact GENERATION and specific people that he’s speaking to.

This is written to a very specific audience in the 1st century about something that happened to THEM.

He also tells THEM that the “AXE” is already at the ROOT of the trees, context being the 1st century.

The ‘wrath’ against THEM was ABOUT TO COME and had already started, in the 1st century.

It was  ABOUT TO COME. (3195mello) 

It was ABOUT TO COME in THEIR generation.

That context has nothing to do with you and me.

John the baptizer was warning THEM about the destruction of their system and Jerusalem in AD70.

The context has nothing to do with you and me.

So too with the parable of the wheat and tares. It has nothing to do with us.


We’re truly on the forefront of a rapidly spreading reformation. There are three different voices in this blog with the same message. One is a full time pastor in Texas, the other a world renown PhD, myself a blessed researcher. I hope this blessed you.

Love you guys,


David King believes that we’re on the forefront of the next great reformation of all 3 of the Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The historical truths being presented in this day are causing massive transitions out of superstitious religious understandings and into the fulfilled truths of what Jesus accomplished in the 1st century. Consider him your ally in the battle to set the global family free from false religious superstitions. What he shares comes from a lifestyle of study, and a place of love and deep sincerity. Finally with questions like “If Jesus didn’t come to save us all from an afterlife hell, then why did he come?,” we can begin to unpack the radical truths of what Jesus actually displayed at the cross. “LOVE is the revolution.”

You don’t have to gnash your teeth at God
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