Hell Is Not Real

We are Hellbusters living in a world without end.

Welcome to Hell Is NOT Real!

Totally ablaze! That’s how we are feeling right now in our mission to tell you that HELL IS NOT REAL.

Sadly, millions in Christendom have come to believe that bad people will experience eternal punishing in the afterlife. Fiery hell, they say, is the place of endless punishment for those who are ignorant of God, especially those who did not believe in Jesus Christ.

But does the Holy Book describe hell as a real place? If hell is located in a particular region, we will show you its exact location. Oh, it’s not the cemetery!

Many superstitious beliefs have entered Christian communities. Some believe that evildoers will be forever separated from God and they will be thrown into the ever-burning inferno where they will experience the unquenchable fire. Yet some believe that the wicked will taste that hellfire punishment once and, ultimately, they cease to exist forever.

There are other mythical hell views out there. We are going to examine each of those hell beliefs, fact-check and expose them to you as fabricated stories meant to frighten you. Now, this very moment, we are telling you that HELL IS NOT REAL!


You don’t have to gnash your teeth at God
nor be afraid of your soul’s destiny.
Just call the Hellbusters hotline!

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